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Health & Fitness
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Want to get Healthy and Fit? You'll find great resources on these forums for Health & Fitness, Diet & Exercise, Weight Loss and specifics for Men's and Women's Health.

Please remember that these are peer to peer support groups and any information contained within should not take the place of a Physician's advice. Always check with your doctor before starting on a diet or exercise program.

Specific Health Issues
American Diabetes Association  Forum Support and informational community for adults and parents of children suffering from this disease
MS World Forums Patients, families and caregivers providing support and information about living with Multiple Sclerosis
SoulCysters PCOS Forum for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. What's on Your Mind About PCOS?
General Health & Fitness
24 Hour Fitness Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Supplements, Stories
eHealth Forums Wide variety of topics listed - Women's Health, Men's Health, Cancer, Conditions and more
Health Boards Numerous forum topics listed on home page - medical issues
Health Forums General Health, Diseases, Cancer, Fitness, Mental Health, Smoking Cessation
John Stone Fitness Forums Fat loss, muscle building, health, fitness, weight training
NatMed Talk Forum Natural and alternative approach to health and longevity through natural foods, supplements and lifestyle
Pavlina Health & Fitness Health issues, diet, exercise, sleep, fitness, endurance, flexibility, strength
Straight Health Forums Improve your health with proper diet and exercise
World Fitness Training Forum Community for fitness and health enthusiasts
Diet & Exercise
About Exercise Diet and exercise discussions, exercise equipment, weight loss
Active Low-Carber Forums Exercise discussions and tips to help you lose/maintain your weight while low- carbing
Health Central Diet, nutrition, exercise and fitness discussions
Weight Loss
3 Fat Chicks on a Diet Weight Loss discussions, support, diet, exercise & more
Buddy Slim Weight Loss, diet, fitness
Calorie Count Calorie intake, weight loss, exercise, motivation
Calories per Hour Weight Loss, diet, exercise, eating disorders
Obesity Discussion Weight Loss, diet, exercise, recipes
Obesity Help Forums Exercise discussions. Plus other forum boards for diet & surgical advice
SlimGenics SlimGenics strategies and tools along with the assistance of trained weight loss counselors
Weight Loss Forum Discuss Weight Loss and diet ideas with other people
Weight Loss Motivation, diet, exercise, nutrition, recipes
Weight Loss HQ Weight Loss, diet and exercise questions and answers
Weightism Health, relationships, exercise, diet
WeightWatchers Forums The WeightWatchers plan, foods, gadgets, recipes, vegetarian, restaurants, fitness, gear, health
Men's Health & Fitness
Men's Health Weight Training, Cardio, Injuries & Rehab, Nutrition & Diet, Health, Relationships
Modern Fitness Forum Supplements, Performance Enhancement, Exercise, Workout Programs, Diet & Nutrition
Women's Health & Fitness
Aphrodite's Discussion Forums Female Sexuality, Reproductive Health, Pregnancy, Relationships, Mental Health, General Health, Diet
Women's Health Diet & Exercise, Specific Health issues for women
Women's Health Support Beauty & Style, Fitness, Nutrition & Weight Loss, Family & Relationships, Sexual Health, Mental Health

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