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However you like to spend your spare time, get the most out of your activity by checking out some of these communities. You may even discover a new interest!
More categories will be coming soon!

BoaterEd Boater Education, boat systems, sanitation law, boating on the Hudson River and inland waters
Boating Forumz Boat racing, boat building, and general boat discussions
Bonnier Boating Forums Boat Handing, Gear Report, Inboards, Outboards, Marine Electronics, Trailers
iboats Boating Forums General boating, sailing, fishing, marine engines, motors, towing
Performance Boats Forums Performance Boats, Technical advice, Boating by Region
Pontoon Boat Forum Everything about Pontoon Boats - General discussions, tips and tricks, advice, rebuilding, pontoon fishing
Reel Boating Forum Boating, Fishing Information, Sportfishing, Marine Electronics, Boating Safety, Boat Engines
Speedwake 2.0 Performance Boats, General &Technical discussions, Insurance & Financing
The Hull Truth A wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world
Camper Community RV Camping, Popups, Tent Trailers, 5th Wheels, Camping tips & advice
Camping Forums Tent Camping, Pop-Ups, 5th Wheels, RVs, Clothing, Gear, Locations
Hammock Forums Hammock gear and hammock accessories for hammock camping
Jim's Camping Forums Camping, Hiking, Trailers, 5th Wheels, Motorhomes, Gear, Campgrounds
RV Camping Forum Thoughtful exchange of knowledge, values and experience among RV enthusiasts Forum RVs, Campers, Camping, Motorhomes, Trailer, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Campgrounds
Wilderness Survival Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping, Food preservation
Bass Forum Bass & General Fishing, Equipment, Fishing Reports
Bass Fishing Forums Specific to Bass Fishing including advice, Boats and Gear
Fishing Forum-BigFishTackle Freshwater, Saltwater, Fly Fishing, Ice Fishing
Fishing US Forum Freshwater, Saltwater, Fly Fishing, Ice Fishing, Regional Reports
Saltwater Fishing Forum Saltwater Fishing, Boats & Gear, Female Anglers, Fishing Reports
Sport Fishing Forums US East Coast fishing, but also topics from around the world
Texas Fishing Forum Geared to Texas Fishing - Freshwater, Saltwater, Fly Fishing, Boats and Gear
ABC of Hiking Forum General Hiking, Gear, Trails, Advice
Adirondack Forum Hiking and Skiing in the Adirondacks, Gear, Food, Orienteering
AlpineZone New England & Northeast Skiing, Mountain Biking, Hiking
Backcountry Forum Backcountry Discussions, Beginners, Heath & Safety, Gear, Planning
Backpacker Cooking, Gear, Health & Fitness, Kids, Ultralight, Mountaineering, Destinations
Hiking Forums Trails, Gear, Hygiene, Safety, Food & Cooking
Trail Forums Trails, Gear, Ultralight, Planning
WhiteBlaze Appalachian Trail Enthusiasts, General topics, Shelters, Campsites, Mapping
WhiteBlaze - Female Forums Female Appalachian Trail Enthusiasts, Trails, Gear, Hygiene, Advice
Power Sports
ATV Enthusiast Community Vintage Machines, Arctic Cat, Can_Am, KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Kid's Quads, Polaris, Suzuki, Yamaha
ATV Frontier General Discussions, Mapping, Communication, Brand specific boards, clubs
ATV Riders Forum General ATV discussions, Sport ATVs, Utility ATVs, Tech area, Products, Racing
exriders ATV Forum Mechanical, Sport ATV Models, Sport Utility ATV Models, SxS / UTV / RUV, ATV Riding & UTV Racing Information
Polaris ATV Forums Official Polaris sponsored forums
Raptor Forums Dedicated to the Yamaha Raptor - discussions by model, modifications, tuning, suspension, maintenance
All Things Moto Riding Tips, Suspension tuning, 4-Stroke Bikes, 2-Stroke Bikes, Racing, Training, Track Building
Dirt Bike Addicts General Discussions, Tips & How-To's, Ride Reports, Technique, Health & Fitness, Brand specific topics
Dirt Rider Forums Dirt Bikes , Motocross , Supercross , Off-Road , Modifications, Women's Forums, Riding Techniques
Dirt Rider Magazine Where to ride, beginners, Two-Stroke Bikes, Four Stroke Bikes, modifications, repair, maintenance, techniques
Aardvark Travel Forums Extensive listing of global points of interest, tips, disabled travelers
Disney Forums Independent site about Disney Parks & Resorts, Florida, California, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Cruises
The Travel Forum Travel Tips, Destinations
TravBuddy Forums Travel gear, alerts, advice, destinations
New Balance Community Athletic Shoes - Recommendations, Tips, Expert Advice

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