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From beginner to experienced webmaster, you will find some great resources on these forums. We have Communities that are specific to brand name Web Design software and General Forums which are helpful to novices through experienced code writers.
Don't be shy, jump in and ask a question or share your knowledge!

Program Specific
Adobe Dreamweaver Forums Dreamweaver, Web Design, CSS, HTML, Spry
CoffeeCup Forums Specific to CoffeeCup design software. General Discussions, Software Discussions
Go Daddy Community Geared toward Go Daddy clients: Web Hosting, Domain Management, Shopping Cart, WebSite Tonight
Serif WebPlus WebPlus - complete website design software user to user discussions
WordPress Forums Original open source blogging software for established websites using a dedicated hosting service Forums Software for blogs and web pages built on the platform, providing free web hosting
Related Tools & Topics
Bing Webmaster Forums Indexing and ranking, Search Engine Marketing, Sitemap Protocol
Google AdWords Community Set up and basics for those new to AdWords, Manage Ads, Measure Results, Improve Results, Billing
Google Webmaster Central Crawling, indexing & ranking, Malware & hacked sites, Verification, Webmaster Tools, Google +1 button
PayPal Community Help Forum Online payment products and solutions
Sitemap Generator Forum Discussions and help for using the online site map generator
Web Page Test Forums Test a website's performance, Discuss Test Results, Optimization Discussions, Testing Tools / Services
Utilities & Apps
AddThis Get more traffic with the most popular social media sharing platform
JotForm Support Forums Free online form generator for websites. Use available templates or design your own
General Web Design Forums
cre8asite forums Information architecture, user interface, accessibility, CSS, Graphics, Cross Browser assessment, SEO
designerstalk Web design, Web standards, Graphic design, Flash content, Brand identity, SEO, Advertising, Web Hosting
Desktop Publishing Forum Discussions on the graphic arts and publishing — for the web or print
Dev Shed Forums Various programming languages including PHP, Perl, Java, Ruby, ASP. Web Design - HTML, CSS
DreamHost Forum Web Hosting, Beginners, Web Design, Software & Scripts, Multimedia, E-Commerce, Programming
Dynamic Drive Forums Free, original DHTML & Javascripts - discussions on ASP, CSS, Flash, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
estetica design forum Web Design, Flash, CSS, Browsers, Programming,
FileZilla Forums FileZilla FTP client. general discussions, client & server support, development, HTML
HTML Help HTML, CSS, Web Design, Programming Languages, SEO, more
Joomla Community Content Management System to build web sites and online applications
Programming Tycoon PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, C / C++, Python, ASP, .NET, Coding
Scratch Web Design Forums Basic site design, Graphics, Site Strategy, HTML, CSS
SitePoint Forums Blogging, Social Networking and Communities, Flash, PHP, ASP, .NET, Javascript, ColdFusion, Ruby, Perl
W3Schools Forums HTML, Browser Scripting, Server Scripting, XML, Multimedia
Web Design Forum Web Design, Graphics, SEO, Marketing, Scripts, Advertising, Affiliate Programs, Web Hosting
Web Designer Forum (UK) Design and layout, Graphics, CSS, XHTML, HTML, Javascript, Server Side, Content management, Flash General Discussions, Graphics, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SEO, Advertising, Marketing, Hosting Where Web Developers and Designers Learn How to Build Web Sites, Program in HTML, JavaScript, more
WEBDEVFORUMS Web Design, HML, CSS, Client and Server Side Scripting, Graphic Design, Web Hosting, SEO
WebmasterWorld Forums Google SEO, Hosting, Social Media, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Apache, PHP, Design Editing programs
WebProCafe (UK) Beginners Help, Design & Layout, Graphics, Flash, HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Javascript, SEO
Website Babble Forums Website / Blog Creation Software - Beginners Welcome
WYSIFA Forum For KompoZer or NVU users - beginner, general discussions, advanced design, HTML, CSS
User to User Community Platforms
Jive Community Business-class software for building customer communities
Lithium Lithosphere Enterprise-class platform to grow successful user to user Communities and Forums
phpBB Forums Free, open source forum software that is easy to use, powerful, and highly customisable
vBulletin Community Affordable software for creating online communities -
conventional and mobile platforms

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